Lean Six Sigma Tools

Voice of the customer (VOC)
Listening to the customers to find out what the customers care about
The name of a workplace organization methodology that uses a list of five Japanese words which are seiri (sort), seiton (straighten), seiso (sweep), seiketsu (standardize), and shitsuke (sustain)
Adds safety to 5S above
Value stream mapping
A lean manufacturing technique used to analyze and design the flow of materials and information required to bring a product or service to the customer
A spirit of whatever you are doing can be done better, series of small improvements
Seven forms of waste
Overproduction, inventory, repair/rejects, motion, processing, and waiting
Graphically depicting a process, linear or non-linear, indicating the sequence of steps as well as the input and output for each step
Visual workplace
The use of visual controls/displays in the workplace, such as kanban markers and indicator/warning lights