Team Tools

Forced choice
A method where a choice between the options must be made. There is no not applicable or neutral.
Pairwise ranking
A method of ranking a small amount of items by comparing two of them at a time
A decision-making tool that enables a group to sort through a long list of ideas to identify the priority items on that list. Generally done by dividing the number of items by 5 and allowing each member to have that many votes to spread among the items on the list.
List reduction
A method of combining similar items on a list to reduce to the list to a manageable number
Nominal group technique
A technique where each person in the group silently writes down ideas. Ideas are shared in a round robin method until all ideas are exhausted. The ideas are then grouped and voted on to prioritize the ideas.
Mind mapping
A technique for creating a visual representation of a multitude of issues or concerns by forming a map of the interrelated ideas
Delphi method
A technique used to narrow consensus on issues such as a forecast. Individuals anonymously place their opinion. The results of that round are shared with the group and then opinions are expressed again with the goal of reaching a narrow consensus.