What can Terry do for you?

Implement a Quality System

If your customers require or prefer a quality-certified supplier, I can provide advice, assistance, and resources to greatly reduce your burden of implementation.

I can create and document a quality system for your environment and your needs, shepherd you through external audits, and get you to registration. Along the way I can conduct internal audits and train your people to do them; afterward we will work on continuous improvement of the quality system. I can also help you conduct second-party supplier qualification audits.

Quality System First Aid

If you're worried about an upcoming quality audit or feel that your current system is lacking, I can audit your system to determine areas and processes that need improvement to meet the current standard. After the audit we will review the gap analysis and develop an improvement program to meet the company's expectations as well as ISO standards.

Process Improvements

I am experienced in Six Sigma, lean manufacturing, and the automotive PPAP processes, and I can help you implement these processes for your business.